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Stomp Competition

Fill your cup with fun by competing in the Stomp Competition.

Stomp Competition 1
Stomp Comp 2

Video on just how the competition works and looks...

How do I sign up for the Stomp Competition?

To compete in the Stomp competition, you will need to purchase a Stomp Card. Online sales of Stomp Cards are closed, but Stomp Cards are still available for purchase at the STOMP SIGN-UPS table at the event.

Stomp Card

Note: Stomp times may only be selected at the event.

Attention Junior Stompers!

At 4 pm, we will be giving our little Stompers a chance to compete in a stomp reserved just for them. The Junior Stomp Card entitles the team of 2 (1 little Stomper (age 6-12 only) and their Swabber) to compete in the 4 pm Junior Stomp competition.

Jr. Stomp Card

How does the grape stomp competition work?
Stomp Comp 3

Teams of two people compete with hopes of becoming the Ramona Grape Stomp Champion!

  • The Stomper – stands in the barrel and squishes grapes with their feet just as fast as they can.
  • The Swabber – uses one hand in the barrel to keep debris and grape skins away from their barrel spigot, and their other hand to hold their grape juice catcher.

The team that collects the most grape juice in 2 minutes wins the Heat. Winners of each Heat compete in 1 of 2 StompOff competitions. The winners of the StompOffs compete in the Championship Stomp.

The 2019 Stomp competition schedule?

There are 6 stomp competition Heats starting at 2:30 pm and running every half hour until 5:30 pm.

At 6 pm, the winning teams in the first 3 heats compete in StompOff #1. At 6:15 pm, the winning teams from heats 4, 5 and 6 compete in StompOff #2.

At 6:30 pm, the winning teams from the 2 Stomp-Offs, compete for the title of 2019 Ramona Grape Stomp Grand Champions.

The Junior Stomp competition (not shown on the leaderboard below), is reserved for Stomp teams, ages 6-12, and will be held at 4:00 pm. This is a single event to give our little ones a chance to Stomp. Winners of the Junior Stomp do not compete in the StompOffs or the Championship Stomp.


Challenge your friends and co-workers . . . . Team t-shirts and costumes are encouraged!

Team Shirt 1
Team Shirt 2

The Ramona Grape Stomp is officiated by our very own

Grape Stomp Princess
Allie Rae Campbell

Allie will explain the rules, guide you through the process and determines the winner.

Stomp Princess

For more information, email: info@RamonaGrapeStomp.com
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