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Dave the Grape Stomp Dude
Dave the Grape Stomp Dude

Where did the idea of a grape stomping cowboy come from?

We are happy to say that the Dave, the Ramona Grape Stomp “Dude” was the result of a collaborative effort by multiple local Ramona residents.

DH “Dave” Billick, a local Ramona artist, photographer, and graphics designer was the mastermind behind the creation of the image. After trying different types of logo concepts, DH developed the stomper dude image which ‘just felt right’ to the team. DH’s work can be seen all around town as he has designed the logos and graphics for many of the Ramona wineries, charity organizations, and businesses.

DH Billick
DH Billick - Graphics
Joyce T Strand - Author
Joyce T Strand - Author

The idea of using a grape stomping cowboy was by local author and creative writer, Joyce T. Strand. “I wanted something that represented the unique country feel and down to earth people of Ramona which would also immediately paint a picture of what the Stomp is all about”, states Strand. Look for Joyce’s books on Amazon. The latest one takes place in Ramona!

Final touches . . . Initially, Dave the Grape Stomp Dude was sitting in the wine barrel with his boots on. Trish Pogue, a fourth generation Ramona native decided that stomping grapes with boots on just wasn’t going to work. So off they came! With a few more refinements, Dave the Stomper Dude was born!

Trish Pogue
Trish Pogue

We hope you enjoyed this little story as well as our event.

The Ramona Grape Stomp Team

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