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Stomping - Adult and Junior Competitions


How it works

Two-person teams will work together to stomp the grapes and collect as much juice as possible in 2 minutes.


The “Stomper” will stand in the barrel squishing the grapes using their bare feet.

The “Swabber” will be below the barrel and keeps the juice flowing into the measuring cup.

Dress in costume, team t-shirts or come as you are. Be prepared to get messy and have some fun!

Stomp times and details



Step 1: Select family-friendly team name
Step 2: Register at the event
Step 3: Report to the Grape Stomp stage at least 10 minutes before your heat time to go over the instructions and guidelines
Step 4: Have fun!

Junior Stomp

There will be a Junior Stomp competition for kids ages 6-12 at 2:00

Fun Stomp!

If you prefer to experience grape stomping in a more leisurely fashion, visit the “Fun Stomp” area to the east of the entrance. The fun stomp is free for adults and children of all ages.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by parents at all times.

For more information, email: info@RamonaGrapeStomp.com

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